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We distribute live pricing and availability data, and provide advanced personalisation and targeting services for online travel advertising and marketing

Our data delivery platform delivers normalised pricing and availability data via APIs, dynamic pricing into email, display, ppc and web pages, and batched exports/flat files. Our data collection platform caches historical pricing and monitors user behaviour, and provides personalisation, retargeting and detailed analytics services.

OTA/Tour Operator Services

We develop APIs to distribute your live pricing and availability data for holidays and hotels, across multiple territories and currencies. In addition, we provide a range of specialist products to maximise the impact of your existing advertising, and to power innovative new features across your external and on-site marketing campaigns. These include dynamic personalisation for PPC, email, display and web pages, business intelligence, and advanced data services for partners/agencies.


Publisher Services

We offer APIs and data feeds, offering pricing and availability data for multiple suppliers and destinations. Our advanced data services provide real-time access to historical pricing trends and user behaviour, allowing you to develop truly innovative solutions to increase conversion rates and user engagement on your web and mobile sites.


Business Intelligence

Using our advanced analytical platform, or integrating with your existing BI tools, we provide direct access to billions of records of pricing/availability data and aggregated user behaviour data across our platform, allowing you to both analyse and visualise historical and real-time trends across the whole market.


Our distribution platform has been developed from the ground up to provide unlimited capacity and sub-second response times, with an ‘auto scaling’ cloud based infrastructure which responds seamlessly to the peaks in usage typical in the travel industry. Our data collection platform has effectively unlimited capacity, capable of storing and analysing billions of records, and making possible innovative new services for online travel advertising and marketing. Our data suppliers include Ebookers, Expedia, First Choice, On The Beach, Teletext Holidays, Thomas Cook, and Thomson Holidays.