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OTA/Tour Operator Services

We provide API development/distribution, and a range of off-the-shelf and customised products and services, allowing OTA’s and Tour Operators to distribute inventory effectively on your own sites and to partners/agencies, maximising your ROI and significantly increasing conversion rates.

Our technology is deployed across our unique, auto-scaling infrastructure to provide high performance access to your live inventory.

Our services enhance your existing campaigns across all channels including email, PPC, display/retargeting and affiliates, by providing the ability to deliver dynamic and personalised content into your high volume advertising and marketing campaigns.

 API Development & Distribution

Our APIs are specifically designed for the unique challenges involved in distributing your live pricing and availability across a huge range of channels including price comparison, email, PPC, display and retargeting. We are able to import your data flexibly, working with ‘flat files’,existing API’s, or our DataBuilder service to ensure that the high capacity, low latency demands of your third party advertising campaigns are met without impacting your existing infrastructure, and we can ‘layer’ on top of your existing distribution capability to ensure that you can meet the demands of your high volume campaigns.

Our service is fully managed, and we work directly with your marketing department, agency or partners to help maximise the conversion of your existing campaigns. By leveraging our relationships with a number of large agencies, there is also an opportunity to develop innovative new campaigns such as display re-targeting and personalised email.

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Our LivePricer delivers accurate pricing and other content directly from our API or from your own web site, for inclusion in email, display advertising and onto your high traffic web pages (e.g. your home page).

We deliver content in the form of dynamically created images, which can be customised and embedded directly into your existing pages, emails and display advertising, and our highly efficient dynamic caching technology is capable of dealing with 1000’s of requests/s. Pricing is accurate as the image is served, making this the ideal solution for ensuring that your email and display campaigns are always displaying correct pricing and availability for your deals.

 Data Feeds/Flat Files

Our customisable data feeds allow access to flat files (CSV or XML) for your publishers, affiliates and agencies. The service is fully managed, files are created and downloaded using our intuitive online tools allowing customization of each data feed to your partners’ individual requirements.

Uniquely, we also offer access to historical data and basic price trending information within the feeds, allowing your partners to provide innovative new services to their users.

 Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT)

Our custom Facebook DAT integration allows you to distribute live inventory to reach the right travellers with Facebook’s dynamically generated ads.

Dynamic adverts for travel let you automatically show adverts to people on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network who have previously demonstrated interest in visiting your website or mobile app.

 Historical Pricing/Availability API

Our cache contains billions of historical price/availability points, and our historical pricing API allows sub-second access to pricing trends for individual holiday packages up to entire resorts, allowing you to include highly engaging additional information directly within your email/display campaigns, or even on your own web site.

 Google Adwords/PPC integration

We work directly with your PPC team/agency to deliver your live pricing and availability data into the Google Adwords API. This allows resort and hotel level dynamic pricing to be applied to your PPC campaigns, allowing for more effective use of ‘long-tail’ search terms, and significantly increasing the reach and efficiency of your PPC campaigns.

User History API – Personalisation

This JavaScript client side API provides sub-second, real time access to raw user behaviour data (search, click and purchase) across your own web site and also your third party marketing and advertising campaigns. This data can be used to provide personalised content to end users within your own web site. In combination with our Historical Pricing/Availability API, highly personalised content can be delivered to your end users based on their own search behaviour and product availability and pricing trends.

Personalised Email

We generate individually customised email campaigns, based on your accurate pricing and availability data, allowing you to target your email database with highly relevant offers and to increase engagement with your existing email campaigns.

In combination with our LivePricer and tracking and personalisation technology, we can also deliver highly personalised offers to your abandoned basket/browsers, attracting users back to your site with highly relevant and accurate content.