Publisher Services

We provide a range of APIs for travel publishers featuring pricing and availability data from a range of OTA and Tour Operators. We offer a number of innovative products and services to help maximise conversion and to increase user engagement on your travel web site.

Pricing & Availability APIs

We provide access directly to a huge range of supplier data via standardised XML/JSON APIs.

The API are designed specifically for use by travel publishers and agencies, allowing straightforward access to a range of suppliers with one, single integration, and only induvidual supplier destination mapping required, which can save significant development time and resources, and reduce time to market. We work with meta search sites, and a variety of marketing/advertising agencies to provide innovative new products and services.

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Our LivePricer delivers accurate pricing and other content directly from our Multi Brand API, for inclusion in email, display advertising and onto your high traffic landing pages.

We deliver content in the form of dynamically created images, which can be customised and embedded directly into your existing pages, emails and display advertising, and our highly efficient dynamic caching technology is capable of dealing with 1000′s of requests/s. Pricing is accurate as the image is served, significantly enhancing the user experience, and increasing trust in your brand to deliver accurate pricing and availability information.

Personalised Email

We generate individually customised email campaigns based on accurate pricing and availability data from our Multi Brand API, allowing you to target your email database with highly relevant offers from multiple suppliers, and to increase engagement with your existing email campaigns.

In combination with our LivePricer and advanced personalisation technology, we are able to deliver highly targeted offers to your users from a wide range of Tour Operators and OTA’s, increasing engagement with your brand and allowing you to monetise your existing assets more effectively.

User History API – Personalisation

This JavaScript client side API provides sub-second, real time access to anonymised user behaviour data across our network. This data can be used by your own development team to provide personalised content to end users within your own web site. In combination with our Historical Pricing/Availability API, highly personalised content can be delivered to your end users based on their own search behaviour and real time product availability and pricing trends from a range of Tour Operators and OTA’s.

Historical Pricing/Availability API

Our cache contains billions of historical price/availability points, and our historical pricing API allows sub-second access to pricing trends for individual holiday packages up to entire resorts. The API can be used to develop innovative new features for your web site such as price alerts or historical price trends, increasing engagement from your users and ultimately increasing your ROI.